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Old Wood featured in Western Art & Architecture Magazine.

Old Wood is a family-owned company that produces and supplies sustainably-forested firewood, from its 17,000-square-foot production facility in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Old Wood Specializes in aromatic woods, like Piñon and juniper, but also carries aspen, spruce, Douglas fir, and ponderosa pine. For a portable campfire feeling, the company designed the Torchie. Made from naturally aromatic Piñon and juniper trees found in the American Southwest. Torchies are single-log, self-contained fires that are safe to use wherever open fires are allowed. In addition to their lovely fragrance, they're also know to repel insects. Torchies are kiln-dried so they light quickly, and they also come with an all-natural fire starter. Once lit, Torchies will burn with an admirable flame height for up to four hours. Eventually turning into a small ash pile. We love how easily they can travel to the beach or enliven a simple night under the stars, leaving little trace. Their clean , beveled design also makes them appropriate for special occasions, including outdoor ceremonies.

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