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Old Wood's mulch is made from chipped and ground woody materials. Ideal for garden beds, tree wells, or anywhere your plants need an extra boost of nutrients. Old Wood's standard mulch is ground using 1.5" baffled screen size, making it the perfect size for your gardening or landscaping projects. We can also grind our mulch up to 3”, which is more suitable for use in playgrounds, parks, and larger landscape projects.


Mulch is a necessity in any garden! Not only does it help make your landscape look beautiful, but it also provides crucial protection for your soil and plants. Mulch adds a beautiful layer to your soil that suppresses weeds, improves water retention, and builds soil health. It also acts as a buffer against extreme temperature fluctuations, helping to insulate soil in the winter and protect from extreme heat in the summer.


Our mulch is sold in easy-to-move sacks that hold 1.75 cubic yards of mulch. We also sell bulk mulch by the cubic yard, and can accommodate the sale and delivery of almost any volume.

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