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Juniper fireWooD

If you are a fan of piñon, then you should definitely try Juniper! Like piñon, juniper is a great-smelling wood that brings to mind a desert campfire in the Navajo Country. The wood lights easily, crackles and pops more than piñon, but burns hot and with great colors. A member of the cedar family, juniper can have a deep red or purple heartwood and soft, strippy bark, making it a very attractive element of your porch or hearth. 


Like piñon, juniper is a dense, slow-growing, shrubby tree that is prolific in America’s Southwest. It is less famous than its piñon counterpart, but is just as loved by many. The tree represents youthfulness to some Native American tribes, who have burned it for centuries to purify or to ward off illness. 


The bark of a juniper tree is grayish-brown and scaly or strippy, and it can have striking deep red or purple heartwood. Its overall appearance can make it a beautiful architectural element of your home or business. 


Like piñon, our juniper is processed in multiple lengths to best suit our clients’ needs. Chiminea wood is typically cut to 12” lengths, whereas our fireplace or fuel wood is 16-18” long. It can be sold in bundles or pallets, by the truckload or individual unit. We shop our freight carefully to make sure our clients get the cheapest trucking possible. 


Piñon and One-Seed Juniper both smell wonderful when burned. Their natural aroma has been a part of ritual among Native American tribes since time immemorial. Today, Old Wood LLC works with tribes, small New Mexican companies and great private ranchers to bring you USDA compliant, heat- treated firewood that will enhance your every outdoor or indoor fire experience. Like red or white wine, burned indoors or out, everyone will have a preference but all will agree, this is: “Wood Worth the Burning.”






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