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    Torchies™ are a great source of heat or light for your campout, backyard BBQ, wedding or event. Their natural aroma is wonderful, and they are an effective bug-repellant, too!


    Piñon and One-Seed Juniper both SMELL WONDERFUL when burned. Their natural aroma has been a part of ritual among Native American tribes since time immemorial. Today, Old Wood LLC works with Alamo Navajo, small New Mexican companies and amazing private ranchers to bring you USDA certified, heat- treated firewood that will enhance your every outdoor or indoor fire experience. Like red or white wine, burned indoors or out, everyone will have a preference but all WILL AGREE, this is: “Wood Worth the Burning”.

    Torchies™ Juniper

    • This wood has been heat treated according to USDAT314
      New Mexico Dept. of Ag.


      Firewood Export Compliance Agreement #FW-002-17


      QuickFire fuel source contains nparrafin oil and is non toxic / food safe.

    • All orders will be shipped within 48 business hours of receipt.

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