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  • Mesquite is coveted around the world for its full-bodied smoky flavor. Our mesquite chips are perfect for grilling or smoking. They work well with gas, charcoal, and smoker grills. They can be soaked in water, apple juice, or other tasty liquids to infuse the perfect smoky flavor to your meat or fish. 
    Mesquite burns hot with an even, consistent heat. Our mesquite chips and chunks are chosen and packed carefully to make sure that you get that wonderfully smoky flavor from every bag. They light easily, so you don’t have to hassle with lots of unpleasant lighter fluid that could ruin the taste of your meal. 

    Mesquite grilling/smoking chips and chunks 12lb bag

    • Bulk, palletized mesquite sales are also welcomed.

      Please call us for more details.


      This wood has been heat treated according to USDAT314
      New Mexico Dept. of Ag.


      Firewood Export Compliance Agreement #FW-002-17

    • All order will be shipped within 48 business hours of receipt.

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