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FirewoodNM is a project rooted in a desire to create forest industry which is of service to our forests, environment, community and stakeholders while making a reasonable living for our owners. 
People of the southwest, where the pinon ~ pinion ~ pinyon ~ piñon ~ pine wood (pinus edulis) is native, have found many uses for this hardy tree. Now, no matter where you live, you can get get it here, read more....Pinion wood burinign in the fireplace.

We have Pinon firewood available in bulk, bundles and pallets at strong wholesale price levels and we sell to individuals as well.
Seasoned firewood is available for pick-up or delivery at the Magadalena New Mexico woodlot of Alamo Navajo.
We can deliver full semi-loads nationwide or you may pick up as little as half a cord at this location.

Old Wood is currently firewood and producing superb end block flooring from Alamo Navajo produced Pinon, Juniper and Salt Cedar woods. This is part of the Forest Floor Project.   See: www.woodblockfloors.com and www.douglasfirfloors.com





  • SEASONED ‘FULL PITCH’ WOOD. (not fire reclaimed which has lost it’s flogiston ((google that word!!)).

Kindling is available in various sizes:
Small bundles are .75 each and come 200 to a pallet.
Large bundles are only $15 each and may be ordered by the pallet or box.

For more information and pricing contact David Old at Old Wood LLC at: 888-545-9663.

All wood is from Collaborative Forest Restoration and other Federal Arid Land Restoration projects designed to restore aquifers and environmental conditions to pre-settlement (anglo!) historic levels.

All packaging will be environmentally sound.
Product is produced by Alamo Navajo tribe members earning a living wage with health benefits. 
Proceeds will benefit the tribe, collaborators and the environment. 

The FirewoodNM project is bearing real fruit for 2010!  Alamo Navajo Natural Resources has delivered multiple loads of split dried Pinon Pine firewood to our terrific client in Amarillo Texas.

Firewoodnm will serve to bring firewood harvesting, processing, sales and distribution efforts to a new level of professionalism and success which will in turn encourage and establish new and promising operators from Tribes, communities and other concerned stakeholders.

The pinyon (or piñon) pine group grows in the southwestern United States and in Mexico. The trees yield edible pinyon nuts, which were a staple of the Native Americans, and are still widely eaten. The fragrance of the wood, especially when burned, is unmistakable.

Pinon is a cone-bearing evergreen tree. The scientific name for pinon is "pinus edulis". 

Pinion Firewood

Pinion wood kindling

This tree is found primarily in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah. 

Pinon is pronounced and often spelled "pinyon" or "pinion".   These trees were known to the Spanish as pinos pinoneros, or "nut-bearing pine". 

Pinon wood is a favorite of most chiminea owners, for it's pleasant "pine aroma", which helps to repel mosquitoes and other flying insects. 

Pinion Firewood loaded ready to go

Navajo tribe members Alamo Firewood Crew





In the Southwest, piñon is a common fireplace and stove wood. It keeps an active flame, produces good heat, and burns well with other woods. 

Re-invented commercial solutions to the issues that confront the nation’s forests will take time to establish, but should ultimately result in a long term, locally based, non boom-or-bust solution. A modern and efficiently run firewood operation, while not romantic in any sense, is the one industry we see which can effectively create markets for large quantities of small and at-risk trees while having an excellent chance of drawing our areas chronically underemployed yet ‘chainsaw skilled’ workers into the solution. The requested equipment will improve utilization and returns on higher grades of trees to be used in Old Wood’s small diameter timber flooring efforts. 
For more information contact David Old at Old Wood LLC at: 888-545-9663

Old Wood LLC is participating in a multi-pronged product development and sale project with:

Additional products:

Old Wood is currently producing superb end block flooring from Alamo Navajo produced Pinon, Juniper and Salt Cedar woods. This is part of the Forest Floor Project. 
See:  www.woodblockfloors.com and www.douglasfirfloors.com

Cedar, Oak and Pinon woods for Block Flooring
 Cedar, Oak and Pinon woods for "Block Flooring"

CLICK ON OUR WoodBlock Flooring photo to view these wonderful floors

wood block floors


Juniper Firewood from the Navajo Country: 
Juniper is sometimes called cedar in New Mexico as well as Sabino or aromatic cedar. Technically Juniperus Monosperma, this is generally the branchy bush-like tree that grows to great diameters but seldom has any real size or straight trunks. It is often targeted as a water-consuming species and as such is removed during aquifer and watershed restoration programs. 
If you have never burned Juniper, I can really recommend it. As a lifelong, outdoor fire-guy, the Juniper to me is a great-smelling wood which brings to mind a desert campfire in the Navajo Country.... sounds corny but I used to fly the great Navajo Nation and camped out a fair bit; I love the smell, look and sound of a juniper campfire. We would gather this wooddead around our campfires and it lights fast and easy. It crackles a fair bit but burns hot and with great colors too. If I had to guess, I’d bet that bugs like the aromatic qualities of Juniper smoke even less than piñon wood.
We can send all juniper, or mixed juniper and piñon. The juniper is twisty and irregular but we will try and pack it as well as we can. You can expect some larger wood mixed with some branchy material. It all has the trademark shaggy bark and red center with a lovely ‘closet wood or hamster cage’ smell even before you burn it.
I’d also guess this is going to be the next thing in firewood… it looks, sounds and burns great with a wonderful aroma. That’s what this is all about, right?

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